Transcribe UK

IT Security Policy


Transcribe UK aim to protect the company’s digitised information from all threats, whether internal or external, deliberate or accidental and to ensure continuity of services by preventing breaches in the security of the company’s information systems.


It is our objective to protect information from unauthorised access. Confidentiality of information will be of the utmost and integrity of information will be maintained, safeguarding the accuracy and completeness of information by protecting against unauthorised modification. All regulatory and legislative requirements will be met and company requirements for availability of information and information systems will be met.


Our goal is that no unauthorised machine or person shall be permitted to gain access to the company network. The data on machines on the company network shall be secured against unauthorised access, and against loss and corruption. Confidential data will also be secured in transit, contingency and disaster recovery plans will be produced, maintained and tested. Any machine connected to the company network shall be used only by persons authorised to do so, and only for the purposes for which they are authorized. Only authorised software shall be permitted to run on machines connected to the company. Network services required by company users will be managed in such a way as to deliver maximum continuity and availability.