Dictate + Connect (Dictamus)

With Dictate + Connect (Dictamus) clients now have the facility to use their iPhone,  iPad or Android device as a voice recorder and to upload to their Transcribe UK account directly from their device. For more details and to download the application click on the following links.

Dictate + Connect for iPhone
iPhone and iPad
Dictamus for Android
 Dictamus for Android

Dictate + Connect (Dictamus) allows you to:

Rewind, overwrite, insert: edit your recordings at any point, unlike most other recorder apps
Lightning-fast recording controls: no noticeable delay between button press and action
Voice activation: skips dictation pauses (silence) automatically
Intuitive, powerful, easy-to-use interface: streamlined for professional use
Upload directly to your Transcribe UK account
Automatic security: all Internet-enabled sharing options use SSL/TLS encryption automatically
More than just a voice recorder: Dictate + Connect (Dictamus) transforms your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (2nd Generation) or Android device into a dictation device that sets new standards. Dictamus offers a professional recording system with extremely fast reaction, simple navigation, overwriting and inserting of recordings at any point and voice activated recording. A comprehensive mobile workflow for recording, management and sharing of dictations completes the package.

The Dictate + Connect (Dictamus) user interface is designed for professional use, with a simple structure and reduced to the essentials. Dictations are saved in WAV format to ensure maximum compatibility to all kinds of transcription and player applications on major operating systems.

*** Note to iPod Touch users: Only 2nd generation or higher iPod Touches with an external microphone (e.g. headset) are suitable for dictations with Dictate + Connect (Dictamus).

For support please email dcsupport@dictate-connect.com