What type of services do you offer?

Transcribe UK offers a web based digital transcription service. Our clients include anyone looking for audio typing, digital voice files typed, conference transcription services, interviews transcribed, memoirs typed, proof reading and book layout, transcription of business meetings, focus groups typed, amongst others.

Do you charge setup fees?

There are no setup fees. The only fees you will pay are your cost per line of transcription typed for you.

Is there a minimum charge?

There is no minimum charge. There are no contracts or monthly charges. Transcribe UK charge on a per recorded minute or per line basis.

What kind of software do I need for your system?

Transcribe UK use a web based transcription service therefore no additional software is required. All you need to do is log on via a computer with internet access. You will be issued with a user name and password to your own secure area of our server.

Do you have any minimum work requirements?

There are no minimum work requirements. Transcribe UK can accommodate any quantity of transcription work you require.

What type of Digital Dictation Recorder (DDR) do you recommend?

Transcribe UK recommends the range of Olympus DDRs. A USB connection is best for file transfer from a DDR and a broadband internet connection will assist for fast file transfer to Transcribe UK.

What Type of Digital Files Can We Transcribe?

Transcribe UK can accept digital voice files in most formats however some formats are larger than others, which leads to longer upload times. We encourage the use of DSS and MP3 formats, as they offer small file size with the clarity required to allow a high quality transcription.

It is best to record in a quiet environment where possible. A noisy café, with cups clattering, people talking and coffee machines making noise in the background is far from ideal.

When more than one person is contributing, it is important that only one person speaks at a time. When two or more people speak at the same time, the recording becomes increasingly more difficult to understand.

Placement of the microphone is also important. The microphone should point in the direction of the person you wish to record. It should also be close enough to them to facilitate a good quality recording. If in doubt try recording a little and listen back to what you’ve recorded.

Recording Environment and Microphone Placement

  •     It is best to record in a quiet environment where possible.
  •     With more than one contributor, only one person at a time should speak.
  •     The microphone should point in the direction of the contributor.
  •     The microphone should be close enough to facilitate a clear recording.

Technical Advice

If it is possible to alter the bit rate and sample frequency of the recording you should explore this possibility. This can dramatically cut the file size and the upload time. Refer to your operational manual for details.

Who would use Transcribe UK’s services?

As Transcribe UK offers a web based digital transcription service, anyone can use our services, such as: students for university projects, small business owners, or businesses of all sizes, for any type of business correspondence, doctors and medical professionals for medical reports and discharge summaries, media companies for programme interviews, surveyors for survey reports, lecturers for lecture notes, estate agents for schedules, authors, health & safety documents, literally anybody who requires dictation transcribed!

How long will it take to get my documents back?

Our transcription turnaround is normally 24/48 hours from the time we receive your digital voice file. If you need a priority service we can meet any transcription turnaround time that you require.

We print on headed paper is that a problem?

There is no problem printing onto headed paper. You can provide Transcribe UK with a template which will be stored for use with your company’s transcriptions. Transcribe UK can replicate all the formatting in your office. We can also on request store information within templates.

What about confidentiality?

There is a Confidentiality Agreement in place with all our secretaries. Sensitive work can be processed on non-networked PCs at your request. Normally a copy of your files will be stored on Transcribe UK’s secure server for your convenience however this copy can be deleted at your request.

Can I use a cassette recorder?

Audio cassettes are becoming increasingly more difficult to source and we would recommend that people change to digital voice recorders as they are more reliable than tapes.

How do I send dictation to you?

You can send files easily  from your smartphone when you use Transcribe UK’s iVano Dictate smartphone app. Files recorded on a dictation device or computer  will be sent to us from a computer with internet access. A digital recorder is connected to your computer via a USB port. After logging on to our website your voice files are uploaded to our server. Depending on the size of your voice files, this normally takes just a few minutes.

How will I receive my transcribed dictation?

Upon completion of your dictation you will receive an email. This lets you know that your word documents are completed and ready for you to review. Our web based platform allows you to sign in from any computer with internet access using your secure username and password. You can then download your transcribed documents.

How long will my reports be stored?

We store all digital voice files for 30 days.

How do you charge?

If you are a new customer Transcribe UK invoice initially upon completion of the transcription, then as you become more established with us you will be invoiced monthly with a detailed list of projects undertaken. For more details regarding costing please contact Transcribe UK.

What if I misplace a transcription?

You can retrieve transcriptions online from your secure area up to 30 days after initial upload of transcribed dictations.